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  • New Power Style: Reintroducing The Kid in Graffiti Bridge

    New Power Style: Reintroducing The Kid in Graffiti Bridge

    This is the first in a two-part series on Graffiti Bridge fashion adapted from my recent paper, ‘New Power Style: Graffiti Bridge, body wear and self-expression’ at the Dirty Mind 40 Graffiti Bridge 30 Virtual Symposium in June 2020. In 1980, Prince began his revolution, adopting a risqué uniform for his Dirty Mind record consisting…

  • Moschino’s Fright Night

    Moschino’s Fright Night

    Do you like scary movies and resort wear lines? As each Moschino collection breaks the internet, designer Jeremy Scott turned to All Hallows’ Eve for inspiration for the brand’s Resort Wear 2020 collection released back in the summer. Of course, Moschino is not the first fashion house to find inspiration in things that go bump in…

  • Prince Estate X Zara: Prince style hits the high street.

    Prince Estate X Zara: Prince style hits the high street.

    One of the world’s largest fashion retailers Zara has teamed up with the Prince Estate to release a capsule collection available online and instore across the UK and Europe. The menswear collection consists of 5 garments – two t-shirts, two jumpers and one hoodie. The collection could definitely be viewed as unisex. The size ranges…

  • Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

    Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

    A love letter to the iconic costuming of the Wicked Witch of the West. Thankfully The Wizard of Oz always seemed to be on ‘council telly’ growing up over Christmas. With no flying snowmen in sight I would still happily take Oz over a rerun of The Snowman (even with the Bowie intro). I have fond memories…

  • Prince’s Kiss and the fashion industry.

    Prince’s Kiss and the fashion industry.

    Christian Dior has recently launched their new ad campaign for the Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge lipstick collection. Actress and (Dior Girl since 2018) Natalie Portman fronts this campaign with the help of Prince’s hit song Kiss. The advert itself is modern, minimalist and bold. Natalie Portman wears an oversized red knitwear a’la Marilyn Monroe in the…

  • Marilyn and Pucci

    Marilyn and Pucci

    The Sixties welcomed a sexual revolution with fashion playing a key role. Italian fashion designer Emilio Pucci liberated women from the restrictive clothing of the previous decades with the patent of a revolutionary fabric which was both breathable and wrinkle free. The designer was an avid traveller and knew the importance of wearability in a women’s…

  • Dressing the Batdance

    Dressing the Batdance

    Prince’s relationship with the Batman franchise began in the late 1960s where a young Prince learned to tickle the ivories along to the Batman television series theme tune. Fast forward to 1989 – Prince had released Lovesexy the previous year, a euphoric album celebrating positivity after the last minute shelving of the ominous The Black Album. On the…

  • Novelty Corner: Flexiclogs

    Novelty Corner: Flexiclogs

    Welcome to Novelty Corner. Every now and then I’ll be writing a love letter to some of my most swooned after novelty fashion items from years gone by. Leave your good taste at the front door. Do you love fashion? Do you aspire to be your own boss? Do you want to  make a fast…

  • His Royal Badness & Me

    His Royal Badness & Me

    Navigating around His Royal Badness & personal style.

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