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Dressing for the Recently Deceased: Costuming Femininity for the Women of Beetlejuice

Fairytale is a Whirlwind Story of Self-Discovery in Full Technicolour 

Bride of Frankenstein Turns 85

‘Celebration’ is the Final Curtain for Yves Saint Laurent


New Year’s 8 Fashion Resolutions

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane and it’s lasting impact on women and horror

The Countess and Ilona: Contemporary costume design in Daughters of Darkness

Some Like It Hot 60 years Retrospective

Living with Coco Chanel Book Review

The Beautiful One: Fashioning The Kid in Purple Rain

Why Witches Wear Peter Pan Collars

Christopher Tracy’s Fashion Parade: A Film by Prince


‘Artist Textiles – Picasso to Warhol’ Exhibition Review

Before The Rain 1980 to 1984: How Prince Got ‘The Look’

Glasgow’s Golden Age of Glamour?

Saddle Shoes & Bobby Soxers – Youth and Nostalgia in the Twentieth Century

Marchesa Luisa Casati – A Life in Fashion

The Purple Trench Coat and Prince’s Style Revolution

The Bad Seed: Depicting the ‘Child Killer’ through costume

Review: Vampira and Me Documentary

The Big Sleep, Sex and The Suit

Phyllis Dietrichson and dressing the femme fatale in Double Indemnity


Hollywood comes to Aberdeen: The influence of Hollywood glamour in the John Falconer catalogues.

‘The Second Skin’: Changing attitudes to lingerie seen in John Falconer’s product catalogues.

Tactile textiles: Bringing to life the garments of the House of Fraser archives.



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