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  • New Power Style: Reintroducing The Kid in Graffiti Bridge

    New Power Style: Reintroducing The Kid in Graffiti Bridge

    This is the first in a two-part series on Graffiti Bridge fashion adapted from my recent paper, ‘New Power Style: Graffiti Bridge, body wear and self-expression’ at the Dirty Mind 40 Graffiti Bridge 30 Virtual Symposium in June 2020. In 1980, Prince began his revolution, adopting a risqué uniform for his Dirty Mind record consisting…

  • Marilyn and Pucci

    Marilyn and Pucci

    The Sixties welcomed a sexual revolution with fashion playing a key role. Italian fashion designer Emilio Pucci liberated women from the restrictive clothing of the previous decades with the patent of a revolutionary fabric which was both breathable and wrinkle free. The designer was an avid traveller and knew the importance of wearability in a women’s…

  • Dressing the Batdance

    Dressing the Batdance

    Prince’s relationship with the Batman franchise began in the late 1960s where a young Prince learned to tickle the ivories along to the Batman television series theme tune. Fast forward to 1989 – Prince had released Lovesexy the previous year, a euphoric album celebrating positivity after the last minute shelving of the ominous The Black Album. On the…